Latte Art Advanced

This course is open to a maximum of six expert Baristas who have already completed the Latte Art course and are perfectly able to carry out basic rosettes and tulips.


Course Duration: 8 Hours

Barista Skills Intermediate

The intermediate level is created for those who already have a solid basic knowledge of Barista skills. The course deals with:

  • Green coffee
  • Roasting knowledge
  • In depth techniques for coffee machines

Course Duration: 8 Hours

Cappuccino Perfetto

A short practical course on the basics of:

  • Foaming the perfect milk
  • Pouring the perfect cappuccino
  • The characteristics of the different types of milk

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Latte Art Basic

The course is open to those who have already completed the first level and who already have basic knowledge on how to pour milk. The characteristics of milk will be studied more in depth, to be able to make the best choice and techniques will be given for creating more complex and creative designs.


Course Duration: 8 Hours

Barista Skills Foundation

This basic course provides and introduction to the skills that a Barista should have. It is a beginner’s course, for those with little or no experience.

  • An Introduction to the World of Coffee
  • How to set and use the coffee grinder
  • Machine maintenance
  • Secrets for the perfect service

Course Duration: 8 Hours

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