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Milk Jug Thermometer With Fixing Clip C,F

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Create the best coffee and the best-looking latte art with this thermometer. This professional milk thermometer is excellent for measuring the proper temperature of the frothing milk. It comes with a fixing clip so you will surely provide the most accurate measurement.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Thermometer.

Easily Clip to Side of Pot or Kettle.

A specially designed stainless steel clip allows the thermometer to sit perfectly in any milk pitcher.

Allows for quick and accurate measures of textured milk and other beverages.

Temperature guide:

  • Steamed Milk: 122-149F/50-65C
  • Espresso: 185-194F/85-90C
  • Black Tea: 212F/100C
  • Green Tea: 160-180F/70-80C


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