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Melitta XT7 with 1 Grinder & Milk Foamer System Top Foam Coffee Machine

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Foam is a matter of taste! Discover the wide variety of milk foam.

Flat White, Latte Macchiato TopFoam, Cappuccino Italiano TopFoam, Whitepresso, Espresso Shot... The Melitta® Cafina® XT7 with Melitta® TopFoam is your milk foam specialist at the touch of a button. Automatic Melitta® Steam Control Plus is available for perfect separate frothing. The Espresso can be brewing at the same time: the power is provided by two heating circuits and an optional 400-volt power supply.

Beverage variety for higher turnover
Higher turnover due to a wide variety of beverages and foam creations. Meet every requirement with the large brewing unit, two types of milk, cold foam for cold drinks, TopFoam, latte art, and Steam Control Plus wand.

Excellent quality every time
Opt for quality with premium consistency - even better than a barista! ACS® automatically adjusts the coarseness, quantity of powder, piston pressure, brewing time, and water temperature without the need for maintenance.

Less effort
Fully automatic cleaning not only guarantees hygiene safety, it also saves you valuable time. All you need is one cleaning agent; you do not need to take the machine apart.

Optional Addons
You can also add the below addons & upgrades at additional cost.
- Second Grinder, Steam Wand, Separate Hot Water Outlet, Integrated Cocoa/Instant Module with 1 canister, Integrated Cocoa/Instant Module with 2 canisters.

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