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IBCA-SCA Green Beans Course

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The Green Coffee course covers everything about the unroasted or immature coffee bean, the actual “seed”. You will learn significant background on the science and history of green coffee, as well as botany, agronomy, processing, storage, decaffeination, and grinding. You will understand how these factors affect the cup and taste of coffee.

All three levels of the class will cover to differing depths the fundamental principles of green coffee by analyzing its process from the producer to the roaster.

Green Beans Foundation Level (1 Day, 5 Credits towards SCA Diploma)

This course is aimed at those who have no experience in the world of green coffee. It will cover the fundamental principles of green coffee by analyzing its process from the producer to the roaster, Arabica-Robusta differences, classification of defects, sieves, density, and coffee market.

Green Beans Intermediate Level (2 Days, 10 Credits towards SCA Diploma)

After the basic course, this course goes into depth on the varieties of coffee. We study the agronomic techniques in the plantation, and the harvest periods. The training program also deals with cupping evaluation, decaffeination techniques, and organic certifications.

Green Beans Professional Level (3 Days, 25 Credits towards SCA Diploma)

The professional level will provide substantially more information regarding the financial and commercial mechanics applied to the specialty coffee industry, including the local, national and global sales systems. In this certification process, the student must demonstrate highly advanced tasting and analysis skills, as well as the ability to recognize green coffee in all its details and the production area

*Students must have passed IBCA or SCA Intermediate Course prior to registering for the Professional Course

Note: SCA Exam fees are not included in the price and shall be paid additionally

Prepay for the course to Register, COD purchases will not be considered.

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