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Caffe Vergnano Decaffeinated Espresso Whole Coffee Beans (1 Kg)

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Caffe Vergnano's decaffeinated whole coffee beans are characterized by a rich and fragrant flavor. It is the best-decaffeinated coffee beans to have the best coffee experience without caffeine. Thanks to its low caffeine content, it is perfect for evening consumption. Perfect for all types of preparations, even consumption, and caffeine-free drinks.

  • The perfect equilibrium between aroma and body for those who prefer their fresh morning coffee to be delicate, fragranced, and light, but full-bodied.
  • Fine grind for espresso, Medium grind for all filter preparations, drip coffee, Italian Moka pot, French press.
  • Perfect for those who love their coffee delicate, flavourful, and light but with a good body.
  • Sensory Profile: Aroma: caramelized nutty and brown spices, Body: Medium, Sweetness: honey-like, Intensity: medium, Roundness: dark chocolate.
  • Whole Beans in 1kg Aluminum Foil Bag, GMO-free, Gluten-free.

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