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Ceado E37SL On-Demand Coffee Grinder

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Ceado E37SL On-Demand ø 83 flat burrs

E37SL is designed to offer consistently fresh grinding, guaranteed by the electronic ventilation control and meticulous design, which disperse heat even in the most challenging operating conditions.

Steady Lock Grinder

This system, unique in the world, ensures in any working stress condition a constant distance between the burrs, allowing to keep the chosen grinding consistency.

Quick Set Gear Tech

New tech materials, same Italian craft. Quick Set Gear Tech means more precision and efficiency in the grind consistency, in one single action.

Touch Display

The touchscreen display enhances the elegant design of the E37 family. There are no more buttons to press: With a simple touch, you can get where you need to be, naturally and instantly.

Active Thermal Control

The exclusive automatic thermal control system protects the consistency of the coffee from the excessive peaks in temperature normally created in the grinding chamber.

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