SANREMO Opera (Version 2.0) 3GR – Oxidized

SANREMO Opera (Version 2.0) 3GR – Oxidized

Every single origin or coffee blend has its own organic characteristics that are best expressed using different infusion styles.
Opera is a professional machine that gives the Baristas the opportunity to really express themselves. The CDS (Control Delivery System), gives the Barista precise control of extraction in three phases: pre-infusion, infusion and post-infusion, considering the density and roasting of the bean.
• Power Dry Steam
• Gear Pump Performance
• With Dual Acai Scales
• Multi Boiler System
• Easy App, Everything Under control
• Smart Lever
• Accuracy Readings from 0.1g / 0.01g
• Error Margin ± 0.05g (0.5%)
• water temperature (Precise and constant throughout extraction step)
pressure (diversified for the 3 phases: pre-infusion / infusion / post-infusion)
• Delivered dose (ml/g)

Opera Machine Specifications2 Groups3 Groups
Width (mm)7451,040
Depth (mm)645654
Height (mm)440440
Cup Clearance (mm)100100
Power Capacity (amp)3240
Boiler Capacity (liters)88
Pre-Heating Boiler Capacity – Each (liters)2.82.8
TCS Boiler Capacity – Each (liters)0.50.5


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