SANREMO Opera (Version 2.0) 2GR – Silver

SANREMO Opera (Version 2.0) 2GR – Silver

The Opera has raised the bar in espresso machinery with the ultimate in precision performance. Designed by world leading baristas for the specialty coffee market.

This machine is the ultimate experience for the cutting edge barista with three different fully programmable stages of infusion via a Controlled Delivery System. This unique system allows you to obtain the perfectly balanced extraction for any kind of coffee.


    • • Revolutionary coffee machine developed together with the world’s top


    • Baristas


    • • Controlled extraction process like no other machine; programmed via


    • Bluetooth enabled tablet


    • • Naturally comfortable operating controls, with easy pull style levers and


    • vertical selectors


    • • Integrates 0.5 Liter / 800W independent group head boilers


    • • 8L overall Boiler


    • • Unique fully programmable square profile with variable pump pressure


    • • 2 steam spots, 1 hot water tap


    • Electrics: 230V


Opera Machine Specifications2 Groups3 Groups
Width (mm)7451,040
Depth (mm)645654
Height (mm)440440
Cup Clearance (mm)100100
Power Capacity (amp)3240
Boiler Capacity (liters)88
Pre-Heating Boiler Capacity – Each (liters)2.82.8
TCS Boiler Capacity – Each (liters)0.50.5


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