MT-Line Coffee Brewer

MT-Line Coffee Brewer

Available as :

MT 100v – Adjustable height coffee maker with thermos jug (manual filling)

With the MT-line coffee makers you can easily and quickly brew fresh coffee directly into a thermos jugs.

The use of synthetic material combined with stainless steel gives the MT-line coffee makers a striking and contemporary look, which makes them not only practical but also very attractive in appearance.



  • Manual filling or with water connection
  • Also available with seperare hot water tab
  • Single or double brewing capacity
  • A jug detector which starts and stops the brewing process
  • Leak stop
  • Acoustic signal which indicates when the coffee is ready
  • Descale indicator
  • Easy soft keys
  • Dry boil safety guard


M-Line Specifications
Features M1  (Coffee Maker with 1.8L Glass Jug) MT100v (Coffee Maker with 2.1L Thermos Jug)
Hour Capacity Coffee 18 Liter, 144 Cups 18 Liter, 144 Cups
Jug Capacity 2/2 n/a
Suitable For n/a Thermos Jug with Pump 2.1 Liter
Electrical Connection 220 – 240V

50 – 60hZ


220 – 240V

50 – 60hZ


Dimensions (HxDxW) mm 460x205x380 595x205x380
Brewing Time Approx. 6min per jug Approx. 7.5min per jug
Holding Temperature Approx. 84 – 86°C n/a


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