Hot Water Dispenser

Hot Water Dispenser

Available As :

WKT 10n HA – Single Wall, 10L, Manual Filling

WKT-D 5n HA – Double Wall, 5L, Manual Filling

WKT-D 10n HA – Double Wall, 10L, Manual Filling


Hot water is not only used for coffee or tea. For instance, instant products like soup and hot chocolate are being consumed more often. When large quantities of hot water are needed in a short time, the high quality Animo machines are really convenient. The Animo ComBi-line combines the supply of hot water with a coffee-making machine.

All WKT-series storage water boilers are counter models. They are single walled as standard and have a thermostat and dry-boil protection. This range has a gauge glass and a no-drip tap. They are available with a fixed water connection (VA) or for manual filling (HA).

WKT-D water boilers have a double walled, stainless steel housing. The safe polyurethane insulation prevents the outside from becoming hot. The lid has been insulated as well. The WKT-D boilers have a gauge glass, a non-drip tap and an adjustable thermostat as standard. Available with (VA) or without (HA) a fixed water connection, they are a perfect combination with the ComBi-line coffee making machines.


Water Boiler Specifications

Features WKT 10n HA WKT 10n VA WKT-D 5n HA WKT-D 10n HA WKT-D 10n VA
Water Capacity 10 Liters 10 Liters 5 Liters 10 Liters 10 Liters
Water Dispensing in One Run 8 Liters 8 Liters 4 Liters 4 Liters 8 Liters
Water Capacity/Hour 30 Liters 30 Liters 30 Liters 30 Liters 30 Liters
Electrical Connection 220 – 240V



220 – 240V


50 – 60hZ

Water Connection No Yes No No Yes
Dimensions (ØxH) 225 x 505mm 225 x 505mm 237 x 406mm 307 x 427mm 307 x 427mm
Holding Temperature Adjustable up to 97°C
Heating Time 20->97°C: 17 min. 20->97°C: 9 min. 20->97°C: 17 min.


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