Cold Brew Machine

Cold Brew Machine


  • COFFEE GRINDING : Roasted coffee is ground coarsely to preserve its characteristics and aromas
  • COLD INFUSION : The extraction, unlike cold coffee, happens without heating: the coffee is infused for about 20 hours in water with high organoleptic properties at a temperature of 4 ° C to obtain a natural drink with a rich, soft and refreshing taste
  • SERVING : The tapping machine delivers a fresh and frothy drink


Naturally or as an ingredient for fresh SUMMER COCKTAILS


  • HOLY COW COLD BREW : Our creamy recipe, with Cold Brew base Chocolate syrup, Cold Brew and milk(whole, skimmed, of rice, of soya …)
  • FRUIT MOUSSE COLD BREW : Our delicious recipe, Cold Brew base Zero fat milk and fruit mousse, decorations, with fresh fruit and Cold Brew
  • TONIC COLD BREW : Our sparkling recipe, Cold Brew base Cold Brew, violet syrup, ice,tonic water
  • MOJITO COLD BREW : Cold brew based cocktail White rum, Cold Brew, lime and mint, white sugar, Mojito syrup
  • COCONUT COLD BREW : Our vegan drink Cold Brew based Cold Brew, coconut milk, syrup coconut, chocolate syrup, ice
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