CB1 ComBi-line Coffee Brewing System

CB1 ComBi-line Coffee Brewing System

Available As :

ComBi-Line with Hot Water Tap

CB 1x5W – 5 Liter

CB 1x10W – 10 Liter


ComBi-line machines offer the possibility of making large quantities of coffee and tea in a short time. A ComBi-line set up is a combination of one or two continuous flow water heaters and one or two containers. The containers can be placed on a buffet, counter or serving trolley.

The ComBi-line is based on the fast-filter system. The matching filters containing the ground coffee are placed in special synthetic filter holders. Water, at exactly the right temperature; is passed through and collected in the container. That’s how ComBi-Line makes sure that the best from the coffee beans ends up in your cup.

The amount of coffee can be programmed quickly by using the soft key panel at the front of the brewing unit. The coffee dosage indicated on the display of the bulk brewer ensures a good taste of the coffee. An acoustic signal indicates when the coffee is ready. The built-in descaling program makes it very easy to descale the unit. The brewing capacity can be increased even more by placing two units side by side with a container on each side.

Tea can be made just as easy with the same machine. A special tea filter with filler pipe is available for this. No tea leaves in the tea and no used tea bags to be cleared away.


  • Execution with 1 or 2 containers of 5, 10 or 20 Liters
  • Container with gauge glass
  • Coffee dosing advice
  • Timer
  • Coffee ready signal
  • LCD with user menu, operator menu (PIN) and service menu
  • Day and total counter
  • Swivel arm protection
  • Container detection
  • Fixed water connection 3/4”
  • Easy to clean


ComBi-line with Hot Water Tap Worktop Setup Specifications

FeaturesCB 1x5W L/RCB 1x10W L/RCB 2x10WCB 2x20W
Buffer Stock Coffee/Tea51 / 40 Cups101 / 80 Cups201 / 160 Cups401 / 320 Cups
Hour Capacity Coffee/Tea (tea with flow of hot water)About 51 / 40 CupsAbout 601 / 480 CupsAbout 601 / 480 CupsAbout 401 / 320 Cups
Boiler Content4.2 Liters5.6 Liters5.61 Liters5.61 Liters
Hour Capacity Hot Water22 Liters22 Liters22 Liters22 Liters
Water Dispensing in 1 Run2.2 Liters3.61 Liters3.61 Liters3.61 Liters
Electrical Connection380-415V, 5400W, 50-60Cy380-415V, 8400W, 50-60Cy380-415V, 8400W, 50-60Cy380-415V, 11400W, 50-60Cy
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm530 x 465 x 695599 x 465 x 785907 x 465 x 7851015 x 500 x 890
Tap Outflow Height185mm185mm185mm185mm
Holding TemperatureAbout 80 – 85°CAbout 80 – 85°CAbout 80 – 85°CAbout 80 – 85°C
Water Dosing TimeAbout 10min / 5LAbout 10min / 10LAbout 10min / 10LAbout 14min / 20L
Filter Paper101 / 317152 / 457152 / 457203 / 533


ComBi-line Insulated Containers Specifications

Capacity5 Liters10 Liters20 Liters
Dimensions Ø x H237 x 406mm307 x 427mm355 x 515mm
Tap Outflow Height120mm120mm120mm
Holding TemperatureAbout 4°CAbout 3°CAbout 2.5°C


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