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The combination of a strong passion for specialty coffee, a love for education and a great friendship has brought together three unique coffee voyagers, The 3 Coffee Guys. One among them is our trainer "Damian Burgess" who has been in coffee training since 2009 and was in the first group of certified Authorised Speciality Coffee Trainers in Italy. He has worked with roasting companies, equipment manufacturers, entrepreneurs, Barista and coffee lovers worldwide. Please check on our below courses in detail.

Know your coffee – online course (2 hours)

An easy introduction course into coffee. Learn to understand different blends, origins and flavours. Discover the best coffee for you. An easy 2 hour course for those who want to know a little more about the worlds favourite drink. Learn all about this magic fruit which originates from Ethiopia. you can learn to know the difference between all the coffees and varieties on the market so you can impress your friends next time you sit down over an espresso or pour over.

Home Brewing – online course (2 x 2 hours)

How much bloom time does your Chemex need? Welcome to the world of home brewing. Here we cover the different home brewing methods which are commonly found in homes around the UE and the drinks to making the best cup with each one. Want to know the difference between a French Press and an aero press? A V60 and a Chemex. This course is for the those who want to make their own great cup of coffee at home and need a few tips and tricks to really make the difference. You will require brewing equipment and coffee. I suggest selling them the coffee for the course.

Home Espresso – online course (2 x 2 hours)           

Having trouble dialling in your home espresso? Can’t quite understand what the perfect grind needs to be? This beginner course is aimed to help those with an espresso machine at home to get the best out of the coffee and their espresso machine. Client will of require their home espresso machine and coffee.

Home Cappuccino – online course (2 hours)

Does your milk foam look more a volcano eruption? This course shows the hints, tricks and tips to help you impress your friends with a professional cappuccino at home. Want to impress your friends with a coffee shop worthy cappuccino? Learn the tricks behind foaming the perfect milk while at home with your espresso machine. This course is divided in to 2 sessions so we can see the progress and help you to perfect that technique

online course (2 x 2 hours) Client will of require their home espresso machine and coffee.

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