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Coffee Voyages


Premiere Coffee Education

Farm learning

There is no match for on-site coffee education. Our Voyages are all planned with this premise in mind. We offer locations where visitors will be able to experience, fist hand, the coffee producing chain from seed to cup. Walking into the coffee fields to pick coffee, following the daily harvest from picking to drying, and being able to learn from pickers, farmers and farm staff is an experience that can you can only have in a coffee farm.

Sca training- and more

During every one of our Coffee Voyages, we include SCA Certified courses in the different disciplines of the Coffee Skills Program. We offer Foundation, Intermediate levels and even professional level depending on facilities. For each trip the selection of courses available depends on request and the level of the people coming along.

Colombia, May 16-24 will be very special as we are offering the possibility of Q GRADER CUPPING ESSENTIALS. This replaces the old Pre Q course and is a suggested course for all aspiring Q graders.

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