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Caffe Vergnano Academy - Course Details

Introduction to Coffee is an ideal module for anyone who is new to the coffee industry or just has an interest in this wonderful drink. It charts coffee’s journey from its origins in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today, enjoyed by millions of people around the world. From farming the cherries through drying, roasting, brewing and finally drinking, this module looks at the process’s coffee goes through. This half day course also includes a “coffee cupping” which allows you to taste the various flavours coffee has to offer.


- History of coffee beans.

- Factors that influence differences in bean density including coffee origin.

- The composition of the bean and what the components contribute in flavour and body.

- how different amounts, and combinations of sweet, acid, bitter affect flavour and Balance.

- Evaluate by cupping different Origins processing and roast profiles.

- how much caffeine typically is in a decaffeinated coffee vs coffee that has been unaltered and the effects on extraction and flavour.

- how the amount of Co2 that is retained within roasted coffee on any given roast date affects brew recipes.

- how different packaging methods affect freshness.

- Difference between freshly brewed coffee and instant coffee.

- Specialty coffee is distinct from commercial grade and defect coffees

-Basic difference between taste and flavour.

-Importance that freshness has in relation to quality coffee flavour.

-Coffee is derived from the fruit of a tree

-Geographical areas involved in growing coffee

 -Main processing methods)


- The acceptable range

- The correct terminology to identify parts of grinder.

 - The correct dosing action to achieve correct input with minimal waste.

 - Calibration of a grinder.

 - The correct use of a tamper.


- Purpose of latest features on espresso machines.

- Adjustments in pressure may cause the flow rate and dissolving of compounds to increase or decrease

- Adjustments in temperature

 - How extraction measurement tools and techniques relate to the assessment of espresso

- Process of measurement using such tools.

- The interrelationship of the various extraction parameters and its effects Analysis of inconsistencies other baristas have with their extraction techniques.

- Establish a wide experience of coffees of various species/origins/process/roast informs brewing decisions and advise customers-Apply terminology within the SCA Flavor wheel to describe a wide range of coffees of various species/origins/process/roast

- Can discern an origin, processing style and roast level and give objective flavor descriptors to a customer.

- Range of different equipment and methods available to brew coffee -The basic principles of brewing coffee.

  • EXTRACTION (Using the Professional Brewing Worksheet, formulate and carry out a brew plan for increasing/ decreasing extraction while maintaining consistent strength)
  • STRENGTH (Explain coffee to water ratios and possible impacts on other elements. Using the Professional Brewing Worksheet, Construct and carry out a brew plan for increasing/ decreasing strength while maintaining consistent extraction)
  • GRIND SIZE (Recognize contributions that different sized Particles-Recognize effect of grinder burr edge quality on particle Quality)


Recognizes standards for drink range as well as regional variations around the World Applies techniques to prepare complex orders of drinks quickly and efficiently

-Evaluates necessary information for espresso menus with regard to content and design.


Importance of good techniques for daily cleaning of the grinder and espresso machine.

- The difference between single and multiple boiler espresso machines

- The process and importance Of- Pump pressure adjustment -cleaning and changing grinder burrs -changing a gasket on the group head (including dispersion screen) - reassembling steam wands - changing water filters)


you will have both theory and practical exams at the end of the course.

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