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Based in Turin, Italy, Damian is originally from New Zealand.

Damian worked with one of Italy’s largest roasting companies for over ten years setting up their Coffee Academy. He know works as an independent consultant throughout the globe and specializes in setting up new and existing locations. Ensuring that the Baristi know their in espresso, coffee brewing and how to look after the clients.

A love of travelling, snowboarding and skiing brought him to Italy where eventually a love of coffee was born.


Patrick O’Malley is an Arizona native, born in Tucson.  He was raised in the small, yet cultural, town of Bisbee, AZ before venturing to Hawaii and California where he worked as coffee/espresso service technician and discovered the soulful art of being a barista.  He returned Phoenix, AZ in the early 1990’s and continued honing his craft.  After a successful career in beverage management, Patrick decided to follow his passion as a coffee/tea drink specialist.  In 1998, Patrick founded Espresso Italia.  Today, Patrick is the owner of Espresso Italia Brands, which operates Espresso Italia, Infusion Coffee+Tea, LiquidTech, and IBCA.


Entrepreneur and Professional in the Specialty Coffee industry, since 2003. Teacher for over 15 years, with emphasis in Barista training, Roasting and Cupping. Consultant in quality for Specialty Coffee Roasters.  Ricardo is the owner of Tecnocafe in Bogota, Colombia.

It all started when…

We had our first Coffee Voyage to historic Hacienda Misiones, in the town of El Colegio, Cundinamarca, Colombia. Fourteen baristas, roasters and coffee lovers joined us on this one week adventure where we learned about the coffee process from the seed to the cup. We offered a one-of-a-kind learning experience, with SCA certified courses and hands-on experience inside coffee plantations, milling compounds and roasting facilities.

That’s when the 3 Coffee Guys project came to life.

It turned out to be a unique experience for the Coffee Voyagers and ourselves, for the educational experience, as well as for the cultural exchange and the lifelong friendships that were built during the week.

It was so wonderful, that we organized a new trip in May 2019 - this time with 19 people from all over the world, and it turned our even better than we planned.

It was time to go global. We confirmed dates for Honduras (Feb 2-9, 2019) and for the first time ventured outside of Colombia. The end of 2019 took us to the home of coffee: Ethiopia, for what was to be an incredible experience.

Each voyage brings together an amazing group of people from all over the world with a common passion that binds us all in one cup.

If you are a coffee lover, a micro roaster (or even a big one), a coffee lover or just adventurous then you should at some stage visit a one of the coffee growing regions of the world.

3 Coffee Guys have everything organised and ready for you with just enough adventure to keep everyone at their ready. Education is forefront on our minds and we do all we can to ensure that you get the most out of your trip.

STREE F&B is more than happy to be "3 Coffee Guys" partner for more than half a decade to expand coffee world learning experience.

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