IBCA Dubai Joining Hands with SCA Offering Intermediate and Foundation Courses

IBCA Dubai Joining Hands with SCA Offering Intermediate and Foundation Courses


The IBCA (International Barista Coffee Academy), located in Tempe, AZ, offers an unparalleled selection and quality of coffee education classes in the US. All courses will be conducted by Patrick O’Malley, owner-director of the IBCA, and is a proud SCAE Diploma holder. He is only the 43rd person to achieve this milestone.

This February 2020 IBCA and SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) are conducting the following courses together with STREE F&B Dubai.

We at STREE F&B are excited to have the coffee professionals joining us to get trained by Patrick O’Malley and be an SCA certified.

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  • Roasting Intermediate FEB 8TH – FEB 9TH
  • Green Coffee Intermediate FEB 10TH – FEB 11TH
  • Sensory Skills Intermediate FEB 12TH – FEB 13TH
  • Roasting Foundation FEB 14TH
  • Roasting Profiles and Blends FEB 15TH

Roasting Intermediate Level

In this class, students will learn and easily be able to identify the color range of roasted coffee beans, as well as understand the cup result with different roast profiles. The steps required to install a coffee roaster…including different heat, energy sources, and materials needed for a professional roaster. Students will be guided through the roasting stages, physical reactions, chemical reactions, browning process and how different environmental conditions can affect the roast. They will be able to determine different defects of the roast, how air quality can affect roasting, maintenance of the machine, and how to stop a possible roaster fire. Also, the students will learn about different types of roasters and given the tools to set up and design a typical micro roasting facility.

Green Coffee Intermediate Level

Students will discover every aspect of green coffee including coffee botany, agronomy, processing, storage, decaffeination, and grinding. Students will understand how all these factors affect the cup and taste of coffee.

Sensory Skills Intermediate Level

In this sensory skill intermediate course, the students learn the fundamentals of formal coffee analysis; develop keen sensory skills, formal cup tasting protocol, and proper terminology used in the coffee industry. Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of the formal analysis of coffee, as well as setting up the preparation of a cup tasting with proper tools and utensils; learn weights grind, and measurements used with formal cup tasting protocol. The students will learn to use their sensory perceptions and proper terminology commonly used by experts in the industry.

Roasting Foundation

The focus of this class is to get some basic impressions and understanding (mainly physical) of the product and roasting process. They are instructed to do some basic distinguishing between green coffee and roasted coffee, identify change in roaster flame control, repeat the process of timing a roast temperature evolution, repeat how to weigh and record the moisture of green and roasted coffee, and identify the first crack.

Roasting Profiles & Blends

The class is a deep look into roast profiles, what they are, how to create them, and repeat them with confidence and consistency. We will also learn the art of Blending, why blend, what are the benefits and pitfalls and how to avoid the pitfalls. Blend for filter and espresso blends

We are very excited to have you join us for the courses and get the best training ever.

For a detailed description of courses, please call our Dubai offices directly at (971) 55 875 45 54 or Email us at TRAINING@STREE.AE | INFO@STREE.AE

Happy Learning!

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