Best Home Coffee Machines To Buy In UAE

Best Home Coffee Machines To Buy In UAE


Before you buy, consider how you want your coffee to be extracted. Choose from bean-to-cup, ground coffee machines in UAE. An all-singing bean-to-cup model will grind fresh beans from scratch for example, and in some instances be able to take ground coffee too. Using one of these will no doubt make you admire and cherish how fresh-tasting and aromatic coffee can be.

It’s also a great idea to consider the functionality of your home coffee machine and how flexible you want it to be. Some designs offer pre-sets for universal favorites such as cappuccino, Americano, and latte, while others offer basic buttons for short and tall espressos. The more revolutionized coffee machines let you personalize a setting to the perfect strength and save it for future/daily use.


Thanks to the ingenuity of Melitta coffee machine manufacturers. With our Melitta® CAFFEO® models, you can become your very own barista by making the perfect cup of espresso right in your own kitchen.

What would you like? A small and space-saving appliance like the Caffeo® Solo® our standard model? Or would you prefer a fully automatic coffee machine that you can even control with your mobile phone? That would be the Barista TS Smart® our premium model. Our range includes fully automatic machines for purists, lovers of convenience, and coffee enthusiasts.

All-rounder Fully Automatic Coffee Maker

A wide variety of coffee specialties can be prepared with CAFFEO® models. Depending on the combination of whole coffee beans, coffee quantity, and water quantity, you can e.g. prepare espresso or a completely regular cup of coffee at home. The fully automatic CAFFEO® coffee makers also have a milk foam nozzle – so that cappuccino, latte macchiato & others practically make themselves.

Where do you buy Melitta® CAFFEO® models in UAE?

You can find all the CAFFEO® models in STREE F&B. Are you planning to buy a coffee machine and hunt for the coffee shop? Do visit us at our location in Garhoud, Dubai and we have our well trained in-house baristas who can help you with suggestions and do live demonstrations for the home coffee machine. Create delicious coffee at home every time with our award-winning coffee machines. Shop the range online now and find the perfect coffee machine for you.

A delicious coffee takes a matter of seconds
With the CAFFEO® fully automatic coffee makers, you can prepare two cups at the push of a button. Coffee enjoyment for every day!


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