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Melitta LATTE SELECT Automatic Coffee Machine with Integrated Grinder & Milk System

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With the LatteSelect you are only one push of a button away from perfect coffee enjoyment. The color real image display makes touch operation even more intuitive. With a simple touch of the sensor fields, you start the preparation of your favorite coffee specialty. You can choose from one of the twelve coffee recipes as well as try out and save your special settings. The two-chamber bean container ensures an individual taste.


  • One touch feature - Espresso, Café Crème, Cappuccino and Latte macchiato can be selected with just one touch. Warm milk, frothed milk or hot water are also available easily and conveniently with One Touch.
  • The Italian preparation process ensures an authentic taste as the ingredients are combined in the right order using an original Italian recipe. This means that, for latte macchiato, the espresso is added after the milk and the milk froth. For cappuccino, it is exactly the opposite.
  • Aroma extraction system - For maximum enjoyment, the CI Touch uses a pre-brewing feature: The ground coffee is moistened with water before the actual brewing to free the maximum flavour of your coffee. For optimal cleaning, the whole brewing unit can simply be removed.
  • Double cup mode - It‘s better together – with the Double Cup Mode you can simultaneously prepare two cups of many coffee specialities with or without milk. Also good for those who drink a lot of coffee of course.
  • All-in-one outlet - Separate nozzles for coffee, milk and hot water ensure simple preparation of your favourite beverages without you having to move the cup. Additionally, the height of the outlet can be adjusted by up to 140 mm so tall latte macchiato glasses will fit, too.
  • Easy steam cleaning - Fast and hygienic – each time you make a drink with milk, your fully automatic machine offers to clean the parts in contact with milk. At the press of a button hot water and steam start cleaning thoroughly. 
  • Automatic decaling and cleaning program - Your fully automatic coffee machine informs you on the display when it needs to be cleaned or descaled.

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