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Solaris Tea, Be Better 7 Chakra Tea Complete Set

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Plants have been used as medicine for millions of years to cure various diseases, acquire wisdom, and help us connect with nature.

There are texts dating back to 2500 BC about various plants and their healing properties.
In India, there are several Vedas that mention various herbal and plant treatments.
Plants emit a vibrational frequency that lives in tune with our bodies and psyche. These vibrational qualities of plants assist in balancing, healing, and energizing the seven main chakras. One simple way to use plant energy to your advantage is by drinking special tea blends like the Be Better Chakra Tea Range.

A unique selection of seven tea blends and herbal infusions handcrafted by our master tea blender Joerg Mueller in association with Kerstin Lenertz, renowned yoga teacher- to help balance your chakra and restore harmony to the associated body organs.

This Set includes 1 Cylinder of each Chakra & Each Cylinder has x15 Teabags :

I AM - Root Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags

I Feel - Sacral Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags

I Do - Solar Plexus Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags

I Love - Heart Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags

I Speak - Throat Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags

I See - Third Eye Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags

I Know - Crown Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags

This is the best value to balance your chakras in a delicious and practical way.

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