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Caffe Vergnano INTENSO Espresso Coffee Capsules x10

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The Intenso Coffee Capsules are practical and quick to use: just insert them into the coffee machine to obtain, in a few seconds, enjoy an intense Italian espresso. A rich crema and a deep flavour of dark chocolate in every espresso shot. The distinctive flavour of dark chocolate in African coffees recalls savoury notes of toasted almonds, with slightly spicy tones.

A mixture with a full body and a spicy fragrance, typical of the Robusta origins. A rich body with slightly bitter nuances, harmonized with the soft and delicate aroma of the Arabica beans originating from Central and South America. The extract creates a well-compacted cream, persistent with shades of amber brown. The mixture created is a well-balanced espresso.

This product is sold by box. Each box contains 10 capsules.

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