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OptiBean Automatic Coffee Machine

Available in :

  Stainless Steel

Real coffee is pure enjoyment. Something you take a moment to appreciate - no matter where you are or how busy you may be. Pure coffee, freshly ground and just the right temperature. You don't have to be on the terrace of an Italian cafe. It can happen anywhere. OptiBean by Animo makes freshly ground, espresso based coffee and many variations in no time. So any moment can be your perfect coffee moment.

A strong espresso, the perfect cappuccino or simply a delicious brew. It is about the flavor – the pure taste of freshly ground coffee. This is exactly what OptiBean from Animo delivers. It grinds the beans and brews authentic espresso every time. OptiBean is for connoisseurs, for purists, for anyone who loves real, fresh coffee. OptiBean from Animo: The standard for bean-to-cup.

In addition to OptiBean, OptiBean XL is equipped with an extra larger espresso system for bigger, fuller cups.


  • Reversed espresso brewing system
  • Double outlet for a real espresso experience
  • Coffee grinder with ceramic mechanism
  • Makes two cups at once (in 2 brewing cycles)
  • Separate taps for coffee and hot water
  • Strength control (also for milk and sugar)
  • OptiBean LED Lighting
  • Cleaning program (on the control panel)
  • Usage counter
  • Insulated stainless steel boiler
  • Suitable for cups and thermo jugs



OptiBean 3 NG

OptiBean 3 XL NG

Capacity of Espresso System

6.5 – 9.5g

9.5 – 13.4g

Number of Canisters

1 Bean , 2 Instant

1 Bean , 2 Instant

Bean Canister Capacity

1500g (200 Cups)

1500g (200 Cups)

Instant Canister / Milk Capacity

+/- 970g (1.6L)

+/- 970g (1.6L)

Instant Canister/Chocolate Capacity

+/- 1030g (1.6L)

+/- 1030g (1.6L)




Drink Buttons




409W x 565D x 792H mm

409W x 565D x 792H mm


Capacity of OptiBean Ingredient Canisters


1500g Bean Canister

Canister 1.6 L

Canister 3.8 L

Coffee Beans

+/- 1500g/ 200 cups





+/- 970g / 63 cups

+/- 2300g / 150 cups



+/ 1030g / 60 cups

+/ 2440g / 140 cups


OptiBean 3 NG & OptiBean 3 XL NG Specifications

Brewing Time (120ml cup)

25 – 30 seconds

Hourly Capacity

120 Cups (120ml) / 14 Liters

Adjustable Cup Tray

60 – 115mm

Maximum Tap Height


Rotary Pump (Procon®)

10 Bar

Boiler Capacity

1.1 Liter

Boiler Type

Insulated Stainless Steel with 1800W element and boil dry protection

Ceramic Grinding Mechanism (Setting®) for ultra long life

+/- 300,000 Cups

Water Connection


Waste Canister Volume

7 Liters (+/- 130 Cups)


PDF Links:  

OptiBean Brochure

OptiBean Specification Sheet