All the coffee accessories you need to compliment your espresso machine. Make sure your coffee bar is ready for brewing with these essential accessories.

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Cleaner for espresso machine. Removes coffee stain from the brewing group, solenoid valve and water circuit. Perfect for all the coffee machine service, accessories and parts cleaning. NSF certifi...

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Coffee Grinder Cleaner for conic and flat burrs. Removes oily deposits and mold. Non harmful - non dangerous. Available in a 15g single dose.

AED 16.00
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This special nylon coffee brush is created for cleaning of espresso machines.

AED 35.00
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Brush with copper ring and mahogany neck. Featuring pure blonde bristles glued with epoxy resin.

AED 19.00
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Brush has a 4mm diameter and a polypropylene handle.

AED 37.00
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